• Why Am I Here?

    BenguNet is now BasicServers. We are trying to create a more generic and modern brand. 

  • What's Changed?

    Nothing at all! We do not plan to make any interruptions or changes in our services.

  • What Happened To My Information?

    Again, nothing. The information has been moved encrypted to client.basicservers.net.

  • Can I get to the old panel?

    Yes, for a while you will be able to access the old panel unchanged at old.bengunet.co.uk.

  • Will there be any other changes?

    Yes, some fixes and improvements will be made. For now, the domain name and home page have been changed. However, we are still using an image of the old client area.

  • Are the servers different?

    There is no change in the quality of the servers sold on BasicServers.net. We continue to serve with the same server stocks.

  • Is the support still the same?

    Yes, there is a change in our support service for now. You can reach us through the same channels.


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